How it works

Participation made easy

Empaville is an intuitive game that is mainly based on the interactions of the participants. You are the real protagonist!
There is not one set of rules, you can play Empaville in different ways: follow the suggested process or just combine each step or action as you wish.
Go on empaville.com to see how many processes you can build with Empaville!


How it works

Empaville: participation made easy



Presenting the game and its elements

The BiPart team presents the game, its objectives, the rules and the tools to start the session.Each participant - already seated at a table - will receive a Persona Card that they will have to impersonate during the game: get to know your character through your Persona Card.



Let’s start the game

A member of the BiPart team will impersonate the participatory process coordinator by greeting the citizens. Then, they will give the floor to the Mayor (if present) for a brief greeting and a brief explanation of the participation process and the tools involved. After a first round of questions (if needed), they kick off the game.



Get to know each other and the context

TYou are invited to introduce yourself to the other participants seated at the same work table, by including your interests and aspirations and the goals you want to pursue. The group can also identify a moderator among them to facilitate the work. Then, explore the map: see the pros and cons of every neighbourhood and the challenges they face.



Set the priorities with the help of the Challenge Cards

You and your group are called to identify the challenges to tackle: is it the climate crisis or the lack of jobs? It’s up to you, but keep in mind everyone’s opinion to make the process shared and inclusive.



Co-design ideas

Participants are called to elaborate a maximum of 2 proposals for each table in a very short period of time and with the help of the Project Board, the Proposal Sheet and the Evaluation Sheet. Proposals can cover the whole city, one or more neighborhoods and fall within the available budget and predefined criteria. Technicians will visit the tables to help plan viable proposals. Then, participants choose a spokesperson for each or both proposals: they will upload them to the platform and present them to the community during the plenary. Before the submission, proposals can be evaluated - approved, reshaped or excluded - by technicians.



Presenting, discussing and voting the ideas

We are almost there! The spokespersons are called to present and sell their ideas. Every group has 2 minutes to convince to community to vote for their project.

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